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Ready for some DIY?

We're all about projects - easy (some anyway), interesting, and captivating. Show us your projects and we will show you ours, and how to do them. We have interesting woodworking projects among other things. This site is a cousin of Buildeazy.Com. We will have the pick of the crop from that site with a little taste of Australasia thrown in. We welcome all the world - enjoy our stuff and send us yours, people love seeing other peoples handiwork... More »

Mixed projects
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Send us your project handiwork

Some photos and notes or story of your project handiwork - is there a story to tell? We will post it in this website and add a comments section at the end and see what people have to say.
People love seeing and reading about other peoples project work be it amateur or skilled. It doesn't mater where you are from... more »

Novice women woodworkers
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Free plans

A good selection of BuildEazy woodworking and project free-plans. A good source of projects to keep you busy until this site is populated with all our own projects.

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$5 Buy plans

Some of the free-plans also have a $5 downloadable version, print friendly and ad free. The way to go if you're serious about doing a project.

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Your projects

Projects you have done for better or worse. Send us in your projects along with a story or two. People love seeing other peoples handiwork.

Your projects »

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