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DIY cross legged Picnic Table [Table of contents below]

Just the tabletop and bench top boards to go

Lay the tabletop and bench top boards on their respective frames ensuring all overhangs are equal and there is a slight gap between all boards to allow water run off.
Mark for screw placement, in line with the cross-rails and about 25mm in from the sides of the boards. Refer to the drawing below.
Take the boards off and drill the screw holes - the same size as the screw shanks.
Then lay the boards back in place, drill pilot holes into the cross-rails (slightly smaller than the screw size) where the screws are to go, add the screws and tighten.

tabletop screw hole plan
tabletop screw detail


Page 07   Joining the legs
Page 08   Adding the end rails to the legs
Page 09   Drilling bolt holes through the crosses
Page 10   Drilling holes into the ends of the braces
Page 11   Fixing the brace members in place
Page 12   Just the tabletop and bench top boards to go
Page 13   Done!
Page 14   User comments/photos
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