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DIY cross legged Picnic Table [Table of contents below]

Joining the legs

The joint that joins each pair of legs is called a cross-halved joint.

You will need to cut out the area where the legs intersect (the cut-out area) to a depth halfway into each piece of wood.

The cut-out area is already marked (see the previous section) on each leg.
Set the blade of your saw (drop-saw, chop-saw, circular saw, or what ever) to a depth half of the thickness of the wood.
Make multiple cuts across the cut-out area with the saw, and then clean out the area with a chisel.

cut out of a cross halving joint

Glue and join each pair of legs together and screw to hold, but do not put any screws in, where the bolts are to go. See page 12 for bolt hole positions.

table legs joined

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