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DIY adjustable height garden bed [Table of contents below]


Step 1. Cut the boards to length and mark them

raised vege box construction marking for cutting

Using 150mm x 25mm boards (actual size) cut 24 pieces @ 1200mm long.
Stack them altogether with the ends flush and clamp them from the underside so the top of the boards are clear and free to work on.
Draw two lines square across the top of the clamped boards, 100mm in from each end.
The lines should be exactly 1000mm apart.
Draw another two lines 26mm (or slightly larger that the thickness of a board) in from the first two lines. The area between the lines is the cut-out area.

raised vege box construction plans


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Page 01   Introduction
Page 02   Cut and mark the boards
Page 03   Set the depth of the saw blade
Page 04   Make cuts along the cut-out area
Page 05   Clean out the grooves
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