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Novice Woodworkers

Rose's work Instructions Plans

Build a kids table and bench   By Les Kenny

Step 7. Prepare the table top and seat top

table top and seat top prepared

Lay the table top boards next to one another, likewise the seat top boards, on a flat surface with the ends flush (even).

Screw a batten across the table top boards, in the middle with ONLY ONE SCREW AT EACH MEETING. This is the underside of the table.
You do not need to pre-drill the batten for this part.
Do the same with the seat top boards.

Ensure the table top and seat top are square and then add a second screw at each meeting. Stagger the screws (the screws will not be in a straight line). Refer to the diagram for clarity. The second screw will lock everything in place (prevent the table top and seat top from skewing).

the picnic table tabletop


Drill screw holes at each end of the table and seat top boards, two holes through each end of each board, in 70mm from the ends.
A good idea is to draw a line across the boards, in 70mm from the ends. Keep the screw holes to that line.

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