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DIY Projects

Our very own local projects

#1 DIY cross legged Picnic Table
A decent size solid wooden table with a separate bench seat.
Here is a design that I think is ideal for a garden or lawn. It's a stand alone cross-leg table 2m long by 770mm wide. There is a separate bench 2m long by 384mm wide, which is a good width (wider than most). Go to »

#2 DIY adjustable height garden bed
A versatile garden box with many uses and easy to move around - you can make it any height you like. This particular box is 1200 mm square but you can make one any size you like and as high or low as you like. Go to »

And while this site is populating...

Free Woodworking Plans from BuildEazy
Here's a list of free projects from BuildEazy (browse by image) to keep you busy while this site is being populated with loads of good stuff. Go to »

And then, there is your stuff

Your projects and stories
Projects with a story or two sent in by you. Go to »

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