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The Store - $5.00(AU) downloadable plans - A selection of quality DIY woodworking plans with step-by-step instructions. Click on a picture to enlarge it followed by more information. Purchasing instructions below.


Purchasing instructions - easy as

Click on an image of choice to see a lager version with a description below it, and an 'Add to Bag' button on the right.

Quick instructions
After clicking on the 'Add to Bag' button, simply fill in the required fields displayed in the pages that follow to complete the payment transaction.

In depth instructions
After clicking on the 'Add to Bag' button, click on 'Add more' -or- 'Go to checkout'.

Click 'Go to checkout', review your order and click the 'Checkout' button.
Enter your email address in the field and click 'continue'.

You will have an option.
Log in with your Paypal account -OR- pay by debit/credit card.

After clicking on the 'Pay now' button you will be redirected to an invoice with a download link from where you will be able to download your order to your computer.

You will also be sent three emails to the address you entered for you purchase. They will be...
# Order confirmation
# Files ready for download (with the download link)
# Paypal receipt.

No email? Please check your spam folder.

return to the store

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